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Fragments Vessel 1

Fragments Vessel 1

Azure Blue | Matte

|fragment| : a small part broken or separated off something.

The Fragments vessel was born from a vessel that lost its ‘arm’ . The beauty that resonated from this stoic piece gave birth to the concept.
This sculptural piece resonates with slow and sensual curves that creates a poetic form. The vibrant blue color comes from a Matte underglaze that lends this vessel a surprising modern element. Each piece is hand crafted and is one of a kind.

All of our vessels are a study in form and shape, inspired by biomorphic and asymmetric design.
Our vessels are not designed to be vases- they are sculptures that we suggest adorning with dry flowers or branches, or allowing them to stand on their own.

Handcrafted in Montauk, NY in collaboration with Devin Fina

One of a kind

Ceramic clay
Matte Underglaze

8.5” Height

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